Center of Muslim Experience in the United States (CME-US)

The Center of Muslim Experience in the United States (CME-US) established at Arizona State University is a unique and original endeavor aimed at transforming and producing a positive image of Muslims. Drawing on ASU's charter of inclusivity, public values and community impact and the Islamic ethics of justice, equity and respect for difference, CME-US will accomplish the mission of highlighting and showcasing Muslim contributions and accomplishments in the United States.


  • Create scholarship of the understudied history and achievements of Muslim experiences in America, contributing to a new field of study;
  • Disseminate the knowledge to the public, transforming images of Muslim Americans for positive understanding and improving inter-community relationships;
  • Strengthen ASU student success by cultivating inclusivity and belonging for Muslim students; and,
  • Build mutually beneficial partnerships between the Muslim community and ASU, fostering greater appreciation and investment in the university.

CME-US is founded on strategic partnerships between ASU and the larger Muslim community locally and nationally. With your individual donations (tax-deductible), we will achieve the mission of CME-US.