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Center of Muslim Experience in the United States (CME-US)

The Center of Muslim Experience in the US is a unique and original center conducting transformative research about American Muslims and their significant contributions to American society and culture, advancing student success through creative pedagogical developments, and fostering community engagement by bridging inter-community understanding. CME-US draws on ASU's charter of inclusivity, public values, and community impact and the Islamic ethics of justice, equity and respect for difference to advance its mission.

No single country is origin for more than 15% of foreign-born U.S. Muslims.

Muslim America?

What does it mean? How is Muslim America connected to or distinguished from American Muslims or Muslims in America? More often than not, Muslim Americans are defined by their ethnonational or racial heritage. A 2017 Pew Research Center study identified seventy-five national groups constituting the 3.45 million American Muslims, with immigrants comprising 58% and 42% as born in the United States, of which about one-fourth are converts. This extreme diversity of cultures and histories as Americans produces something unique: Muslim America. We propose to explore what Muslim America is to create new and conceptual knowledge bringing together the constituent factors: Muslims and America.

"Majority of Muslims say they have a lot in common with most Americans."

Muslims and America

Muslim America is a space for developing a new way of thinking to move beyond the binary narratives of violence and racialization that recognizes the unique diversity of Muslim experiences in the United States and that values the social, economic, and cultural contributions of Muslims. Highlighting the interweaving of the two components—Muslim and America—within a single site of inquiry, will generate a grounded understanding of both the United States, as a vibrant inclusive place, and Muslims, the second largest faith group in the world, catalyzing a new identity based on their experiences in the United States.

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CME-US is founded on strategic partnerships between ASU and the larger Muslim community locally and nationally. With your individual donations (tax-deductible), we will achieve the mission of CME-US.