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An interdisciplinary research fellows program

The Connections fellowship program brings together ASU faculty and graduate students, local community college faculty, as well as short-term research fellows and journalists, to explore and illuminate the complexities of Muslim experiences in America.

Connections has an annual theme that guides the faculty and journalist cohort, including topics such as:

Minorities and belonging

Food and community

Muslim ethics of environment and sustainability

Muslim humanitarianism

Sports, pop culture and youth

Muslim creative expressions

Each year a cohort of two ASU faculty, one local community college teacher and two graduate students will be selected to participate in a semester-long seminar that will provide an opportunity to engage and work with three short-term visiting research fellows and journalists.

Participants will learn from one another about strategic issues and how to develop professional skills to make their scholarship more accessible to a wider public.

Fellows will organize and participate in publicly accessible conferences, panel discussions and workshops.