Endowed Chair in Indian Muslim Studies

Forming a new discipline at ASU

Indian Muslim Studies is an undeveloped and underrepresented field in American academia. As the largest Muslim minority population in the world, with a rich and diverse history dating back to the beginning of Islam, and having ruled over much of the subcontinent for over 800 years, Indian Muslim Studies can contribute significantly to scholarship across multiple disciplines, including history, political science, sociology, anthropology, religious studies, literature, women’s studies, and journalism. Today, Indian Muslims play an important role in increasing understanding of the place and role of minorities in democracy, as well as India's thriving economy in the pre-modern and modern periods.

The Endowed Chair in Indian Muslim Studies will further the mission of the Center of Muslim Experience (CME) in documenting the contributions of Muslims to India and the United States. This Chair will:

  1. Serve to deepen knowledge about Indian Muslims in a global context, the vulnerability of minorities, and improve human security through research, publication, public lectures, workshops, and academic networks.
  2. Foster and nurture Indian Muslim student belonging by offering new courses and supporting the Indian Muslim Student Network.
  3. Create greater visibility of the Indian Muslim American community as dynamic contributors to academia.

The position will be supported by donors, Arizona State University, and the Center of Muslim Experience in the US.

To learn more, please contact cmeus@asu.edu.

To donate to the Endowed Chair, please visit the giving page.  You can also email cmeus@asu.edu or brittany.martin@asufoundation.org.